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Issue #000
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Issue #000

Introducing Liner_Notes, from Cambridge Audio. A new project in celebration of the people, the ideas and the technology shaping music today.

During the 1960s British bands, bands like The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, began to enjoy global success at a previously unprecedented level. It was a golden age for British Music. Innovation in record production accelerated and British producers began to lead the way in recording techniques and multi-track recording. British manufacturers followed suit, creating high-fidelity sound systems to play this music at it’s very best.

The story of British music in the 60s is part of the DNA of Cambridge Audio. We got our start in 1968 creating amplifiers that’d play back the music from the studio without adding any unwanted flavours or taking away the detail, and as the technologies for producing music improved and evolved, so too did the home audio kit that we created.

As we reach our 50th birthday, we find ourselves feeling sentimental. We’re hugely grateful to have been able to live through and experience decades of great music. But what excites us most, is what comes next. With technology making music production more accessible than ever and with streaming’s move to the mainstream – which is having an enormous impact on the charts – it’s clear the last few years have been a sea-change in the way music is financed, created and distributed.

So, we’ve been inspired to launch Liner_Notes. A new project in celebration of the people, the ideas and the technology shaping music today. Our goal is a simple one: to speak to the creative and technical minds behind the music and share their stories from the studio to understand what it is that makes music, great.

We’re aiming to talk to as many people as possible. From the unsung people behind the scenes that make the creativity possible, through the engineers and producers in the control room making sonic decisions, to the new and unsigned artists carving their paths through the industry and creating their own identities. We’ll also dig into the archives, and put our research hats on, to uncover some forgotten stories from the albums and artists that have influenced this generation.

We hope, through Liner_Notes, you’ll discover new artists, you’ll learn more about the records you love, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to dust off your old guitar and start creating again.

Thank you.

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